BMW HP4 Race - full details revealed

BMW HP4 Race - full details revealed

Late previous year, BMW teased the EICMA crowd with a mockup of its new HP4 Race superbike, complete with an all carbon frame and wheels.

BMW is giving a select few the opportunity to experience a factory-racing bike in customer-spec form with the new HP4 Race bike, which will be limited to just 750 copies. The BMW HP4 is the first bike in the world with carbon fibre main frame (which weighs just 7.8 kg).

Coupled to the engine is a 6-speed close-ratio racing gearbox with optimised transmission ratios and various secondary ratios (diverse pinions and chain sprockets included).

Details of BMW's soon-to-be introduced, limited edition HP4 Race motorcycle will be discussed during a live stream of the BMW Group press conference at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. All information is displayed via the 2D dashboard with transferable data memory (2D logger).

Also included are a programmable pit lane speed limiter and launch control for ideal starts, all controlled via a 2D dashboard with a 2D logger giving you transferable data memory. That time has arrived; on Wednesday, the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer unveiled all the details of the super exclusive BMW HP4 RACE. Suspensions comes courtesy of Öhlins, with an upside-down FGR 300 fork and TTX 36 GP rear shock-the same suspension that's used by some World Superbike and MotoGP teams. For endurance racing, the HP 4 Race comes with a quick-release front wheel, with the fork legs being able to be twisted out of the way for fast wheel changes.

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Same goes for the two Brembo GP4 PR monoblock calipers, which, in conjunction with 6.75 mm thick 320 mm T-type racing steel brakes ensures excellent brake performance. At the back, a four-piston Brembo calliper - also using titanium pistons - is installed, grabbing a 220 mm disc. The front and rear wheel are also made of this high-tech material, enabling a weight reduction of approximately 30 per cent as compared to light alloy forged wheels while retaining a deliberately rigid design.

The carbon fibre trim, the intake silencer cover and the seat hump in the new HP4 RACE feature the BMW HP Motorsport colours.

It makes a claimed 215hp and weighs just 171kg fuelled - lighter than current World Superbikes - thanks to a full carbon-fibre frame and wheels. The HP4 RACE also arrives with Pit Lane Limiter and Launch Control. It gets Dynamic Traction Control DTC, Engine Brake EBR and Wheelie Control. The carbon fibre tail can be adjusted to three levels.

Wheelie Control (programmable for selected gears).

Production run of 750 units, each individually crafted.