Google Home now recognizes your individual voice

Google Home now recognizes your individual voice

To get the device to recognize your voice, you just say, "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" two times each. Then, the network locally compares against those characteristics each time it picks up "Ok Google" or "Hey Google".

The process of training Google Home about six different voices is completely straightforward.

That ability may give Home an advantage over's Echo, a competing product that features its own voice-activated assistant, Alexa. Anyone who walks into our homes can say, "OK, Google", or "Hey, Alexa" and get access to whatever they want, from upcoming appointments to the kind of music we like, even addressing them by your name. It's important to note that you can opt out of personal results, by opening the Google Home app Menu More settings scroll down and toggle "Personal Results" to off. Previously, if you asked it to do something like read your agenda it would only be able to refer to a calendar for a single Google account. Having multiple accounts would especially complicate such features, but hopefully future updates will make the device able to actually do more. "We're just getting started and we won't be ideal", the statement said.

When your account is connected to Google Home, you will be asked to say the phrases "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" twice each.

The enhanced feature lets people living in the same space fully utilize all of the personalized features the assistant has to offer.

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Google notes that this multi-user support is available only in the US for now, with the United Kingdom getting the feature in "the coming months".

Currently, Google Home and the Echo can't distinguish between individual voices.

Google's multi-user announcement follows a February report by Time indicating that Amazon is working on similar technology for its Alexa voice assistant.

From here, under the Devices list, they'll have an option to "Link your account" and teach Google Assistant to understand their dulcet tones.