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Trump Rolls Out First Set of Obamacare Fixes

Trump Rolls Out First Set of Obamacare Fixes

Something new is happening in a health care debate dominated for seven years by the twists and turns of Barack Obamas signature law. Besides the low odds of success - and the awful optics of risking health coverage for millions of Americans because he can't get his own party in line - there's yet another problem: If Trump goes to the mats on this issue, he'll have to answer to all the other powerful interests who are deferring their own demands to keep the federal government open. Had the Republican health bill passed, these people would have been stripped of their health care.

WASHINGTON - "Obamacare" is proving more of a challenge than the Trump administration bargained for. So the only real change that's been made so far is that the IRS has said that they wouldn't send your return back if you didn't check that box saying whether or not you had health insurance. "We urge Congress and the administration to act now to guarantee funding for cost-sharing reduction subsidies".

More desperate than clever, Mr. Trump's talk of annihilating Obamacare, for which he would be justly blamed, is unlikely to coerce Democrats into supporting anything like the House Republican repeal-and-replace plan he backed, which failed to attract enough GOP support to pass the House.

Republicans contend that the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is beyond fix, but their "repeal and replace" slogan hasn't been easy to put into practice, or politically popular. So Thursday's action was meant to keep the existing system going even as Republicans pursue a total remake. Otherwise, she said premiums will rise 20 percent across the market and more insurers would drop out of the exchanges.

So far, the Trump White House hasn't been much more transparent, Fitton says. Under the ACA, insurers are required to reduce deductibles, copayments and other forms of cost-sharing for the lowest-income enrollees. They're separate from the better-known premium subsidies that most customers receive.

For the majority of tax filers, who had health insurance through an employer for 2016 or through a government program, all they have to do is check the box on the 1040 form that says they were covered for a full year. "Health plans and the consumers they serve need to know that funding for cost-sharing reduction subsidies will continue uninterrupted".

The rule could also allow insurers to collect unpaid premium payments and make it tougher for people to move in and out of insurance plans, according to healthcare industry experts.

"I think I will get it done", Trump told The Wall Street Journal, adding he's not open to setting guidelines for Congress on tax reform without completing the Obamacare repeal first.

Funding for the program "must be included" as "permanent mandatory spending", an aide to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told POLITICO.

In fact, Democrats are so united on this one that they're willing to threaten Trump back with a government shutdown over these payments.

Patriots hit back at New York Times over White House tweet
It's worth noting Trump didn't mention Tom Brady once during his remarks, as the quarterback was not there. The star has cited a "personal family matter' as the reason he's not attending the White House ceremony".

The federal government continues to make payments to insurers while the Republicans' lawsuit, filed against the Obama administration, is in limbo. While opening day would remain the same - November 1 - the final rule closes the marketplace on December 15 instead of at the end of January.

Curbs on "special enrollment periods" that allow consumers to sign up outside the normal open enrollment window. Insurers say loose enforcement of these periods has been an expensive problem because it also allows people to game the system.

Medica spokesman Greg Bury offered a slightly more optimistic statement from the Minnesota-based insurer that sells plans on the Affordable Care Act exchange in Kansas.

Insurers must soon decide whether to stay in Obamacare markets and how much to charge if they do.

Consumers likely won't know for certain what sort of choices they will have until late summer or early fall, a couple months before open enrollment begins. This year alone, premiums for ACA plans rose by an average of 25 percent.

Most communities will have competing insurers on their public marketplaces next year, but a growing number will be down to one, and some areas may face having none. She expects her health-care costs will be about half of what she paid for herself alone past year, in part due to cost-sharing reductions.

All eyes are now on Anthem, a big Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer operating in several states that has yet to announce its intentions for 2018.

Democrats want the funds to become mandatory, which would provide the certainty that insurance companies are looking for, the website reported.

Oren Cass, who is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, states that, "It just forces states to work within the budget constraints of a fixed amount of federal money, which, by the way, is how every other part of our federal government already works". "Additionally, today's final rule from HHS is noticeably silent on the issue of cost-sharing subsidies, which is the single most important action for market stability".

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