Trump signs order for firms to 'Buy American, Hire American'

Trump signs order for firms to 'Buy American, Hire American'

It warned last week that onerous changes to USA visa rules could affect its earnings.

"This does nothing", thundered Charles Schumer (D-NY), the Senate minority leader.

As for the labor component of Trump's executive order, foreign visa programs require a level of labor predictability that construction companies rarely have, so that portion of the order should have limited impact on the industry in general. "It's not going to create a single job".

During his remarks, Trump weighed in on another economic issue, promising to find a solution to a trade dispute with Canada that has left dairy farmers in Wisconsin and NY without a market they had for their product. "We're going to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words "Made in the USA".

The "buy American" portion of the order directs federal agencies to conduct a "top-to-bottom performance review" of the use of waivers to the Berry Amendment and the Buy American Act and for stricter enforcement of laws pertaining to the use of US -made iron and steel in projects supported by federal funds.

Senior administration officials defended Mr Trump's new policies as being inspired by his life spent in the private sector. As per several United States reports, a majority of the H-1B visas every year are grabbed by Indian IT professionals.

Companies say they use visas to recruit top talent.

Critics of the programme have argued that the H-1Bs were being used by outsourcing firms to bring in low-skilled workers on low wages - who land up displacing Americans - and not the best and brightest as was originally envisioned.

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Higher education ranks third behind technology-related occupations as the largest industry sponsor of recipients of H-1B visas. And his businesses have hired foreign workers, including at his Palm Beach club Mar-a-Lago.

More than 15 per cent of Facebook Inc's US employees in 2016 used a temporary work visa, according to a Reuters analysis of US Labor Department filings. The executive order, however, could end up raising the costs of applying for a visa as well as the barrier for entry.

United States lawmakers have already tabled more than half a dozen legislations in the Congress with specific proposals to reform and improve the H-1B visas systems.

Colleges already had been bracing for a potential "Trump effect" on foreign-student numbers next fall after the president signed a pair of earlier executive orders, since challenged in the courts, that would temporarily bar the issuance of USA visas to travelers, including students and scholars, from six Muslim-majority countries.

Many people overseas had interpreted the proposed travel bans as a first step by the Trump administration to tighten American borders and close off the country's job market to outsiders.

Employers from Walt Disney World to the University of California in San Francisco have laid off their tech employees and replaced them with H-1B visa holders.

The order will take months to take effect as the waivers and exceptions made to "Buy American" laws, including those included in dozens of trade deals, are reviewed. DevOps, continuous delivery and containerisation.