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With days to go, Minnesota budget talks hit a stalemate

With days to go, Minnesota budget talks hit a stalemate

The House's chief author, Rep. Dennis Smith (R-Maple Grove), says the deal will allow Minnesotans to board planes and get access to military bases. If granted, holders of state identification could use their licenses for federal purposes through 2020.

Minnesota had been one of the last states in the nation to make sure its state driver's licenses adhere to the federal standards known as Real ID.

The new law is a signal to the federal government that Minnesotans plan to update their driver's licenses to meet minimum federal security standards.

A compromise this session at the state Capitol had been hung up by a fight over driver's licenses for immigrants without proper documentation. Ultimately, legislators took any mention of the issue out of the bill at all in order to get it through both chambers and signed by Dayton. The new law would require the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to begin issuing licenses by October 1, 2018.

REAL ID licenses will cost the same to renew as a regular license, but the real price is peace of mind.

Pemberton Music Festival cancelled
Chart-topping artists Chance the Rapper, Muse and A Tribe Called Quest were all slated to headline the four-day festival in July. The Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia has filed for bankruptcy and this year's event has been cancelled.

After years of debate, Minnesota has adopted the federal Real ID standards for driver's licenses.

The deal creates two licenses: A non-compliant license for those not wanting to share information with the federal government, and a fully-compliant license. The compromise bill passed the House on a 120-11 vote late Wednesday afternoon, then passed the Senate on a 57-8 vote.

"This bill's been a long haul", said Rep. Leon Lillie, D-North St. Paul.

"We applaud Governor Dayton for vetoing this bill that would have removed critical consumer protection measures for Minnesota residents and eliminated the Made in Minnesota solar manufacturing program", Sean Gallagher, SEIA's vice president of state affairs, said.