Iran says U.S. travel ban is 'racist' and 'unfair'

Iran says U.S. travel ban is 'racist' and 'unfair'

CHICAGO-Muslim Vision, a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C) 3 organization, reacted to Supreme Court decision on Muslim ban case, and offered to help individuals, groups and the mosques in organizing a vigil or in contacting their local media.

The plan, that Mr Trump announced soon after he became President, aimed to stop people from seven mainly Muslim countries entering America. She said even refugees with no family in the USA have connections to the aid organizations that are working to bring them in. Other injunctions, however, were left in place by the Court. Students, faculty, and staff from the six affected countries who can establish the requisite relationship should expect long delays and extensive questioning upon entry, and the lack of precision in identifying those who will qualify for admission may result in confusion in some cases.

This means that the broad-based travel ban injunction pressed by various courts was largely set aside; Trump's travel ban has been vindicated in the main, since the vast majority of those seeking to enter the country have no specific relationship with an American citizen who has standing to sue - even though such standing itself is tenuous at best.

Trump then signed a revised order in early March, excluding Iraq from the initial list of countries whose travelers were barred from the US. That was also struck down by lower courts. But the Supreme Court on Monday ruled there could be partial restrictions placed on refugees.

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"The Trump administration has said this is a great win", said Bauer.

With the uncertainty surrounding the Supreme Court's order, immigration advocates and civil rights lawyers are on edge and ready for possible legal challenges. The court said a "close familial relationship is required". For entities, the relationship must be documented and formal and must not have been formed for the objective of evading the restrictions of the Executive Order.

A broad interpretation, for example, could allow for a contract or reservation with a rental vehicle agency or hotel in the United States to be considered legitimate relationship, the officials said. The officials said the new guidance might not delve into such specifics and leave consular officers with discretion to make their own determinations.

But Zarif said the development would force terrorists to do more harm.