Pro-Trump group pulls ad against fellow GOP senator

Pro-Trump group pulls ad against fellow GOP senator

One of the most vocal opponents to his own party's plan, Senator Paul took a stand against the legislation whose architect was the most powerful GOP member of the Senate, Leader Mitch McConnell.

At least five Senate Republicans had announced opposition to the bill, before the delay was announced. "We're getting very close", Trump told the senators.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis suggested some ammunition Republican leaders could use, saying the Senate bill would cut federal deficits by 202 billion dollars more over the coming decade than the version the House approved in May.

There are popular aspects of Obamacare - no denial of pre-existing conditions, the ability to keep children covered until age 26 and expansion of Medicaid coverage to the poor - that appeal to many Republicans. "We think we're going to get legislation that's better than the status quo". He said he had not seen the advertisements, but that the President has contacted Republican senators who oppose the bill.

The bill provides billions in tax cuts to insurance companies and the wealthy, while allowing states to drop several now mandated benefits, such as maternity care and hospital services.

One of the opponents, Senator Susan Collins of the northeastern state of ME, said proposed funding cuts of almost $800 billion in Medicaid, the government's health care program for the poor, "hurt the most vulnerable Americans" and that access to health care in rural parts of her state would be threatened.

Similar legislation passed by the House was also said to leave millions uninsured.

Conservatives say the bill does not go far enough and would retain too heavy a burden on government coffers.

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The GOP tried it with their inhumane health care bill and thankfully, they will fail this week in their quest to repeal and replace Obamacare.

On Facebook last week, Lee wrote that the Senate bill "doesn't even significantly reform American health care", and said he'd settle for language letting states and individuals completely opt out of Obama's law.

McConnell, whose party has a razor-thin majority in the 100-member Senate, told reporters that Republican leaders would work through the week to win over the 50 senators needed to pass the bill, with a vote planned in the weeks following the recess. "If this bill isn't good for Kansas, it isn't good for me", he said. "Each of them want different things, and we have to figure out if there is a path".

The CBO estimated the law would lower premiums in the long term, but raise out-of-pocket costs.

The bill would also delay cuts to the Medicaid program, although longterm cuts to the program would be severe.

"Now with strong strong leadership and a real chance to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered care that protects American families, Sen".

"We know where some of the problems are with the Affordable Care Act and how we can try to get that done in a bipartisan way".