Trump lawyer defends his use of social media

Trump lawyer defends his use of social media

The Trump administration used a memo written by Rosenstein to justify Comey's firing, an act that Trump says is now under investigation.

TRUMP: When Trump wants to say more on a subject than one tweet's 140-character content limit allows, he simply does what other Twitter users do: He writes more tweets about it.

The Post's story came soon after it reported that the FBI's Russian Federation investigation, spearheaded by special counsel Robert Mueller, had expanded to include a senior White House official as a "person of interest".

All eyes will be on Rosenstein's actions, as well as evidence of a grand jury, subpoenaing of key White House aides with a focus on President Trump to indicate a full scale investigation has been launched.

TRUMP: "You see the unemployment rate is at a very, very low level".

Sekulow is responding on "Fox and Friends" to a statement that Trump's tweets can make it harder for others to do their job. Even Democrats are beginning to acknowledge this fact by subtly pivoting from charges of collusion to charges of obstruction of justice.

Whether or not special prosecutor Robert Mueller is even investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice is far from clear.

A source familiar with the matter told CNN's Evan Perez that investigators for Mueller would speak with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

2 naval personnel killed in SW Pakistan terrorist attack
China is also developing the warm water Gwadar port, a prominent feature of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan. Earlier in May, unidentified gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on labourers working on a road in Gwadar's Pishgin area.

When India's Prime Minister Modi meets Trump on June 26, there will be just 4 legislative days left before Congress breaks for the July 4 recess.

Kushner's contacts with Russians during the transition have been scrutinized as part of the widening probes into whether Trump's team coordinated with Moscow during the election. Asked about the possibility that an investigation has developed and the president just doesn't know, Sekulow says, "I can't read people's minds".

Trump essentially confessed that he fired Comey in order to forestall the Russian Federation investigation, telling NBC News interviewer Lester Holt in nationally televised broadcast that "this Russian Federation thing" was among his motivations for firing Comey.

Rosenstein is overseeing Mueller's work since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation because of his ties and participation with the 2016 Trump campaign. But the president took sole responsibility for doing it, at least until he seemed to try to shift it Friday to the deputy.

Friday is the deadline set by the House Intelligence Committee for the White House to produce "any White House recordings or memoranda of Comey's conversations with President Trump (that) now exist or have in the past".

Former Department of Justice official John Malcolm told CNBC that "there is no question that he (Mueller) is close to Jim Comey" and that he "must keep an arm's length distance" from him.

"I don't believe it's going to happen", said Rubio on CNN's "State of the Union". Angus King, an independent from ME, said "we're 20 percent into" the collusion aspect of the investigation. He added: "A lot of people have said, 'When do you think you'll be done?' Maybe the end of the year".

Just as Trump called up to congratulate Narendra Modi after the BJP's thumping win in the Uttar Pradesh state elections - which was unprecedented, the White House backlash against H1B and Trump's anti-India rant during the U.S. pullout of the Paris climate deal are also uniquely Trumpian in terms of political strategy.

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