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Army veteran's dying wish is a phone call or text from you

Army veteran's dying wish is a phone call or text from you

Some posted screenshots of reactions they had gotten to their text messages to Lee Hernandez. The post said Hernandez had asked his wife to keep hold of his cell phone while he received hospice care in New Braunfels, Texas. Doctors have been unable to diagnose his illness, and have said all they can do is make him comfortable. "(Lee's) speech is not very well, so many people don't take much interest or want to talk to him", Ernestine told the news outlet.

"It broke my heart, " Ernestine told The Arizona Republic.

But he does have one final request: He wants people to call and text him.

"They are an excellent support group of wives and ladies who know the struggles of what we go through", she said.

Hernandez served 18 years in the United States Army with a tour in Iraq. She got some help from a member of an Arizona veterans group on Facebook, Michelle Fawbush, whose July 11 post struck a chord with the community. "Please let Lee know that the veterans in Arizona are thinking of him!" "It really uplifts him".

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She calls Lee a "fighter, and says "a lot of people call to pray with him".

The 47-year-old has been battling health issues for five years but hit "rock bottom" more than a year ago.

An Army veteran is fighting the last battle of his life and a simple phone call from a grateful well-wisher could be just the support he needs at this time. "I am trying to give him the best life I am able to with the help of my mom", she said.

Ernestine wants people to continue to call or text Lee. Ernestine said that is when Lee is alert despite heavy pain medication.

Anyone who wishes to do so can call Hernandez at 201-632-6778 between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Arizona time.