Brand new Ford Fusions loaded with $1 million worth of Marijuana

Brand new Ford Fusions loaded with $1 million worth of Marijuana

With all the talk of healthcare bills and tax reform battles in Congress, Americans might've forgotten about another of Donald Trump's pet projects: a border wall with Mexico. It is at this time that the co-conspirator on the US side would break into the railcars and recover the narcotics.

Odd as that may sound, the man has a point: smugglers have used a range of methods to toss bags of drugs into America.

The Associated Press reports that more than 400 pounds of marijuana has been discovered inside 15 vehicles made in Mexico and sent to OH and Pennsylvania.

The cars arrived in Lordstown, Ohio, at a CSX rail yard rail after they were manufactured at a Ford plant in Mexico, said an agent in charge of the DEA office in Youngstown, Ohio.

The pot was found stashed in the wheel wells for the vehicles' spare tires at a dealership in Youngstown between July 7 and July 11, Balzano said. Each package reportedly weighed 14.5 kilos, or roughly 32 pounds.

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It's not the first time marijuana was found hidden in cars shipped from Mexico, Balzano said.

Meanwhile, the older buyers of the Fusion tend to include the kind of people who call the cops on you if you're using your lawnmower too early, much less if they find giant bricks of weed in their trunks-as one 87-year-old Fusion buyer did in Minnesota several months ago.

The dealership discovered the marijuana and notified Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials to begin an investigation, Fox59 reported.

That suggests that these were glitches-the exceptions, not the rules.