Cowards Be Gone - Geese Howard Joins the Cast of Tekken 7

Cowards Be Gone - Geese Howard Joins the Cast of Tekken 7

He'll be a part of the game's second batch of downloadable content, which is coming out this winter.

Tekken 7 has its first post-launch mode coming soon with Tekken Bowling, and now, an all-new guest character has been announced.

Depicted as a major antagonist in the Fatal Fury series, Howard's playstyle will be focused on relentless attack. At first, he made sure to share to give Dragon Ball FighterZ some love before delving into the game he's still fine tuning to perfection - Tekken 7. Like Street Fighter, those are both primarily 2-D franchises and Geese has been adapted to fit into a game with side-steps.

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Tekken 7 is going to get more DLC later this year and it will include none other than Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series.

The "Fatal Fury" fighter has been featured in a number of crossover games with "Capcom vs SNK" being the most popular. It was time to reveal a new character.

You can check out Geese Howard's Tekken 7 reveal trailer below. As one of the most relevant characters of the SNK universe, he appeared in The King of Fighters games in several roles.