D23 Expo: Oculus and Disney reveal Marvel Powers United VR

D23 Expo: Oculus and Disney reveal Marvel Powers United VR

San Diego Comic Con attendees will get the chance to try out MARVEL Powers United VR during the show (July 19-23).

One of them was a collaboration between Oculus Studios, Marvel Entertainment, and Sanzaru Games, resulting in Marvel: Powers United VR, a virtual reality videogame in which players take control of various Marvel superheroes and get to experience their powers in first person.

Disney has been busy showing us the future of its various franchises this weekend at the company's D23 Expo, that is taking place in Anaheim, California. Further information can be found at the official Marvel Powers United VR website.

A release date for the title wasn't detailed. Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, and a powerful roster of Marvel's greatest heroes are ready for battle. Suddenly, heroes from across the Marvel Universe are hurled together in a chaotic, interdimensional conflict spanning past, present, and alternate futures to fight to reclaim the Cosmic Cube and restore order to the universe.

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Aside from the allure of Marvel characters themselves, the multiplayer aspect of the game has the potential to help it really stand out.

Defend the galaxy on your own or call in friends to forge the ultimate team for epic co-op action.

Heroes earn many rewards-prove yourself on the battlefield and unlock new content, surprises, and more! Facebook has even lowered the price to $399.99 for both the Rift VR headset and Oculus Touch motion controllers as a way to lure people into buying the system.