Facebook Tracking Lawsuit Judge Says Keeping Online Activity Private Is Users' Responsibility

Facebook Tracking Lawsuit Judge Says Keeping Online Activity Private Is Users' Responsibility

The Guardian reports that a case alleging that social media giant Facebook was tracking its user's browsing habits despite being logged out of their Facebook accounts has been dismissed by the judge presiding over the case.

The plaintiffs filed that Facebook abused government and California protection and wiretapping laws by putting away treats on their programs that followed when they went to outside sites containing Facebook "like" options. She said that plaintiffs had failed to show "realistic" economic harm or loss, adding that they could have taken steps to maintain the privacy of their browsing histories. The plaintiffs argued that this violated federal and State privacy and wiretapping laws.

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Clicking on the Facebook "like" button on a third party website - for example, - allows people to share pieces of content to Facebook without having to copy and paste the link into a status update on the social network. When a Facebook user visits a website that features a Facebook "like" button, information is sent back to Facebook servers detailing where the user found the like button.

A privacy case against Facebook has been thrown out of court by a judge in the US District Court, Northern District of California. While they won't be able to use the same arguments again, the plaintiffs can, if they wish, bring a new suit that pursues a breach of contract claim. Facebook did not immediately respond to a similar request. This, on the contrary is kind of subjected to confusion as in 2014 Facebook started the use of web browsing data for presenting targeted advertising which are internet based, explaining the advertising one sees of the products on Facebook that were being searched on the browser earlier.