Incredibles 2 Will Introduce 25 New Superheroes

Incredibles 2 Will Introduce 25 New Superheroes

The Disney princesses are guarded by Star Wars' stormtroopers and later C-3PO shows up as an assistant of sorts - not that he gets any respect from the Princesses, who chide him as "BB-8" and "Artoo".

Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter also revealed that The Incredibles 2 will take place immediately after the events of the first film (via IGN).

Here are a few updates on the films that were discussed, plus a peek into the surprises at Hall D23 on day one of D23 Expo 2017. It's interesting then, that instead of going through a time jump Incredibles 2 will follow right after-a refreshing decision that'll please fans who've been begging for a sequel since 2004.

"One of the unique things about "The Incredibles" is it's really a story of a family set in the world of superheroes", Lasseter went on to say. That being stated, the present Incredibles 2 introduction showed that a considerable measure of new superheroes will be presented, so stay tuned for more data about these crisp appearances.

Director Brad Bird revealed during the Pixar and Disney Animation at Disney's panel D23 (as reported by EW) that the movie, slated to be released in June of next year, would see Elastigirl in her own adventure. Josh Cooley has been bumped from co-director to sole director, while Lasseter will take on an executive producer role. And while the main characters haven't aged, they look a little different thanks to the improvement in animation in the intervening years.

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Attendees saw Jack Jack light on fire, as he did in the original film.

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No humans exist here - it's all elves and trolls and sprites and the like. A title card read: "Disney: Space", but was quickly joined by more words - ultimately reading, "This Space to Be Filled by a Title When We Think of One". Let us know in the comments!