'Keystone Cops Collusion': Krauthammer Blasts White House Over Donald Trump Jr

'Keystone Cops Collusion': Krauthammer Blasts White House Over Donald Trump Jr

President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his son Donald Jr, who is under fire for accepting a meeting with a Moscow lawyer during the USA election campaign past year - talks that have reignited allegations about Russia's role in the vote.

'My son is a wonderful young man.

Trump is continuing to downplay the issue, saying that "nothing happened" as a result of the meeting.

At the root of the case is Sergei Magnitsky, the Russian lawyer who uncovered massive fraud and government corruption that led to his death in custody in 2012, prompting Congress to enact human-rights sanctions on Russia that Veselnitskaya has lobbied against.

But in the wake of the Donald Trump Jr.

"The friendship between our two nations and ourselves is unbreakable", Trump said after talks at the French presidential palace focused on joint US-French efforts to fight terrorism in the Middle East and Africa.

Following the publication of NBC's report, White House Correspondent (and one of the report's contributors) Hallie Jackson tweeted an addition that will undoubtedly spawn more updates. Took a meeting with a lawyer from Russian Federation, it lasted for a very short period and nothing came of the meeting.

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The New York Post plainly lists the series of decisions Trump Jr. had to make to end up in the incriminating position that he's now in.

When he was campaigning Mr Trump criticised France. Many political operatives said campaigns carefully vet any such private meetings with foreign nationals, and would refuse or contact appropriate authorities.

And I think it's a meeting most people in politics probably would have taken'.

Lawmakers are demanding to know if Natalia Veselnitskaya was involved in settlement negotiations in United States v Prevezon Holdings Ltd., et the Southern District of NY and if there were any connections between the case and the Trump family. It's called opposition research or even research into your opponent.

At a news conference with Macron at Elysee Palace, however, Trump was unable to dodge a fresh set of questions about his son's conduct, although he seemed to try.

Since each took office, they have traded rhetorical jabs and one awkward handshake.

"You know, you're in such great shape. beautiful", Trump told 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, who was sporting a white Louis Vuitton dress and stiletto heels, during their visit to the tomb. So we're very proud of him, ' Trump went on.