Skydiver kills self by not opening parachute

Skydiver kills self by not opening parachute

Richards immediately called the plane, but it was too late.

A Skydive DeLand employee told the officer that Capotorto's wife ran in to the business and tried to halt her husband's jump because he had left her a "disturbing" video saying that he was not going to pull the cord of the parachute, officials said.

Capotorto Vitantonio, 27, never deployed his parachute after jumping from 13,500 feet above DeLand, Florida, on Tuesday, after going up in the flight of the day, according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Experienced sky diver Capotorto Vitantonio jumped from a plane Tuesday morning about 10 a.m., just seconds before the crew received an urgent message from dispatchers on the ground, urging them to stop him.

According to the report, Vitantonio told his wife, Costansa Zitellini, 25, in the video that he was going 'somewhere wonderful'.

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A man who received the phone for Skydive DeLand declined to give any details about Vitantonio deaths, but offered the following statement: "We express our deepest sympathy for his family and his friends".

After the incident, Richards also said Vitantonio appeared normal prior to his jump.

He and Litellini also worked together at United Parachute Technologies, a company that makes containers for parachutes.

Mike Johnston, the general manager, told The News-Journal that Zitellini's message came just "moments" after he jumped. Last year, 3.2 million people jumped out of planes with parachutes on their backs, according to the United States Parachute Association. It was the fifth death in four years at Skydive DeLand.