Syrian baby Justin Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

Syrian baby Justin Trudeau meets Canada's prime minister

Baby Justin's parents now hope that their child would get to meet the prime minister someday. In fact, it appears he may have slept right through it.

Over 40,000 Syrian refugees have been resettled in Canada - the commitment to bringing them to Canada was one of Trudeau's first actions after winning the federal election.

The child's mother, Afraa Hajj Hammoud, said her husband Mohammed Belal thought of the name - and she liked the idea.

When their son was born in May this year, the couple named him Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal - a move they said was their way of thanking the Prime Minister for welcoming them to the country. "PM Trudeau on holding the baby boy said, "'This is Justin-Trudeau, ' and after a while, he said, "I appreciate that you named him after my name". "He helped us a lot. We want to thank him and all the Canadian people".

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Last February, another Syrian refugee couple, Hussam Eddin Alahmada and Sherin had also named their baby after Justin Trudeau.

After just two months, that meeting became a reality when a last-minute opening in his schedule allowed Prime Minister Trudeau to attend the annual Calgary Stampede. Adam Scotti, Trudeau's photographer, posted the image on Twitter.

Canada agreed to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees after the country's 23rd Prime Minister took office.

CBC News spoke to Hammoud about her family's face-to-face with the Canadian prime minister.