Trump Oval Office Prayer Photo Draws Mixed Reactions

Trump Oval Office Prayer Photo Draws Mixed Reactions

The religious leaders, who are part of the Faith Advisory Board, had attended an all-day meeting with the White House's office of public liaison, whose director is Omarosa Manigault, an ordained minister. Jared Kushner dropped by, as did Vice President Mike Pence - a fellow evangelical - who said the President invited the group to visit the Oval Office that afternoon and say hello, Land recalled.

But evangelical support for Trump has grown after he secured the Republican nomination, and it remained steady after he took office despite some controversies. In the New Testament, the apostles would lay hands on believers, often using it as a sign of responsibility or authority.

It's perfectly OK for American school children who are not Muslim to be brainwashed with Islam lessons, but a Christian president praying in the White House is outrageous.

"The president got wind that we were there and insisted that we come say hi", he explains. "It was like a meeting of friends".

The vice president was the one who summoned them, Floyd said in a telephone interview Wednesday. He said that religious leaders, including Catholic, evangelical and Jewish leaders, were invited to the White House ahead of the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Moore calls the irate remarks "the most vile, vicious things I've ever seen or received in my entire life", adding: "What's so ironic is that the left sees all of us as the ones who are risky, who are dividing America".

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Those in attendance at the Oval Office meeting on Monday, however, reported the president was confident, collected, and in total control of his administration's agenda. "He was very very much command of the situation". His evangelical advisory council is no longer a formal board, but numerous leaders still talk with each other and with the White House on a regular basis, Moore said.

"Various ones of us have prayed with him many times and have been praying for him for a long time".

CNN mocked President Trumped for praying with Christian leaders but says nothing about public schools brainwashing children with forced lessons in Islam. "When we are praying for President Trump, we are praying within the context of a real relationship, of true friendship".

"Wow - we are going to see another great spiritual awakening", he added.

"Highlight after all these years of fighting for America - standing in the Oval Office with @realdonaldtrump and @vp and @paulamichellewhite and other leaders - listening to our great President talk about America - Great Job Mr President- Great Job", he wrote on Instagram. As evangelical researcher and writer Ed Stetzer noted, black pastors laid their hands and prayed over President Barack Obama, mainline Protestants do it, and it even happened, several times, with Trump during the 2016 campaign. Though raised Presbyterian, Trump is not now affiliated with a church, nor does he attend worship services most Sundays.