UAE denies Washington Post report it orchestrated Qatar hack

UAE denies Washington Post report it orchestrated Qatar hack

The Washington Post said that United States intelligence agencies confirmed that on 23 May senior UAE government officials discussed hacking Qatari sites. Initially, you could nearly understand the IC's actions - they had made a public unclassified claim that Russian Federation attempted to influence the election; the President had disparaged them and doubted their conclusion; and so they had allowed the leak of some supporting classified material to butress their allegation and re-establish their accuracy/reputation. The officials were quoted as saying it was unclear if the UAE had hacked the sites itself or paid for them to be hacked.

The UAE has termed the Post report false.

The UAE has denied the hacking claims in a statement released in Washington by its ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba. "We either reach an agreement and Qatar's behaviour changes, or Qatar makes its own bed and they can move on and we can move with a new relationship".

Qatar has denied any support for extremism and accused the countries of seeking to infringe on its sovereignty. "Inciting violence, encouraging radicalization and undermining the stability of its neighbors".

Senior UAE powers are said to have instigated the campaign against Doha, which saw incendiary statements attributed to Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani posted on Qatar's new agency websites and social media in May, the sources told U.S. media. The comments sparked a series of events that led to the region's diplomatic crisis.

The controversy did not stop there.

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Five countries - the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Yemen - cut ties with Qatar over claims it had destabilished the Gulf by supporting extremist groups. Furthermore, Qatar nationals were banned from transiting through their airports.

They also ordered Qatari citizens to leave their territories and took various steps against Qatari firms and financial institutions.

They were quickly seized on by news organisations outside Qatar, but Doha said they were false. That is, the UAE - and perhaps its allies - was actively looking for a reason to fight with Qatar, and was willing to go as far as planting false information in order to do it.

United States officials have said that experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) helping Qatar investigate the incident are convinced QNA was hacked, but that identifying the culprit will take time.

The subsequent inquiry into the alleged hack used investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.