You can share High Resolution Pictures through WhatsApp now

You can share High Resolution Pictures through WhatsApp now

This WhatsApp file transfer support was rolled out for iPhone users last month and refines the sharing of multiple photos.

Now, rather than just seeing.txt and.PDF files, you'll see other files too - such as.APK.

However with this update, it seems that users will be able to share just about anything on their phones, as long as it is a file that they can access and send. WhatsApp has already tested the ability of its beta channel and has only now added it to the latest stable update.

Previously, Whatsapp used to compress images to secure some storage. After updating the application to the latest version, users can tap and hold a text message and by doing that they now get a few text formatting options such as bold, italicise, or strikethrough. But now with this upgrade, photos will be shared with original size hence the original quality of the image will remain intact.

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These changes are the latest tweaks to the app. Modified features to assist users and to provide a better user experience are always welcomed and appreciated by the digital community.

WhatsApp has started to transform more into cross-platform messaging service with support added for desktop users a year ago through WhatsApp Web and standalone apps for MacOS and Windows operating systems. Those were followed by Snapchat-style status updates, Siri integration and photo filters.

As now owned by Facebook Group, acquired at handsome $19 billion. It's 128MB on iOS, 100MB on Android and 64MB on the Web version of WhatsApp. As now it is owned by one of the finest groups in digital technology the prosperity of Whatsapp is nearly guaranteed in these smart and able hands.