ESPN sorry about auction draft sketch where black player is sold

ESPN sorry about auction draft sketch where black player is sold

The network has since apologized for the segment, saying they understand how some could believe that the scene too closely resembled a slave auction.

Instead of a typical snake draft, where people will select a player by rounds, an auction draft is based on a budget and bids are taken for certain players. But it's not surprising that the segment struck a nerve at a time when race relations are the biggest story in the country. "Without that context, we understand the optics could be portrayed as offensive, and we apologize". On Friday, white supremacist groups marched on the University of Virginia campus chanting racial epithets and intimidating counter-protestors, and there were multiple demonstrations and confrontations over the weekend. The image of a black man being auctioned off by a white man and being "sold" to the highest bidder is reminiscent of a slave auction.

The segment featured other black and white players, including Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

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It could well be a case of damage limitation for the Blaugrana, rather than being left exposed in trying to chase the tie. Thomas Vermaelen and Rafinha will also miss the trip to the Santiago Bernabeu due to ongoing injury problems.

Others on social media noted that white National Football League players were also part of the bidding.

For some reason, ESPN didn't see the problem with their auction, but Twitter quickly informed them. The Golden State Warriors champion has lashed out at the sports network for playing itself with an insensitive fantasy football fictional auction.

Auction drafts are common in fantasy football.