Facebook Making Changes to News its Feed

Facebook Making Changes to News its Feed

So Facebook is now going to design it in a new way which will make it easy to navigate as well as readable properly.

Along with readability updates, Facebook will also update the way people navigate its mobile app - in order to make it more intuitive and clear.

Facebook's News Feed is undergoing a redesign that adds circular profile pictures similar to those found in Twitter's major June rehaul.

Facebook sees the comments section of its site as vital and has therefore made it easier for users to remember why they've dug in, in the first place by making it easier to see the original post that you're reacting too.

Facebook Making Changes to News its Feed

The social media giant aims to improve conversations on the News Feed by updating its comment style to give users a more direct way to reply to another person.

Link previews will now be larger than before, making it easier to read. The same redesign is probably headed to iOS as well, but there's no telling whether (or when) News Feed will look this way on your desktop. The company is adding threaded comments to the Instagram app. The company said that the design changes will be available users 'over the coming weeks'.

Return to News Feed once you've finished reading via a more prominent back button. Now if you've always felt that Facebook's News Feed was always a bit hard to read on mobile, you'll be pleased to learn that Facebook is now doing something about it. The company claims the change shouldn't impact a page's reach or traffic, causing no inconvenience - minus changing to a circle-friendly profile picture, of course.

Facebook mentioned in its blog, "Every person's News Feed is different and populated with a unique set of stories - from photos and videos to GIFs and links".

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