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Rahul Gandhi Dedicates 'Indira Canteen' to Nation

Rahul Gandhi Dedicates 'Indira Canteen' to Nation

Indira Canteen, one of the ambitious projects of Karnataka state government was inaugurated today in a bid to make Bengaluru "hunger free" by serving affordable food.

On the occasion of 70th Independence day, Karnataka CM said, "I am happy to announce that we are opening on Wednesday Indira canteens across Bengaluru to feed every day the people from the labour class and poor migrants to the city". The government inaugurates 101 Indira Canteens which serves hot lunch, dinner at Rs 10 and breakfast at Rs 5.

Re-modeling populist schemes of other political parties with an eye on the electorate has its own pitfalls and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi must have realized this on Wednesday.

India's Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched over 100 low-priced canteens for the poor in the southern state of Karnataka.

"We want the people from poorest and weakest sections in Bengaluru to feel that they will not have to stay hungry in this city. It is very important that every single person in this country has a full stomach".

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He was also seen eating at the canteen in one of the pictures shared.

The Karnataka government had made the announcement in the state budget for 2017-2018.

Many residential associations came forward against the canteens after the government tried to set up stalls in public spaces including heritage buildings and parks.

More canteens will be opened in the remaining 97 wards from October 2 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Fourteen kitchens will work round-the-clock to supply food to the canteens.

Claiming that BBMP had ensured that project take shape to this level within 60 days after getting the order on June 12, officials said construction of canteens is being undertaken by KEF Infra Ltd, while Rewards, and Cheftalk Food and Hospitality Services have given the catering contract for the canteens.